You may notice that our veils are made with a range of different tulles, from traditional English tulle to super soft and silky Italian tulle. They both have their unique characteristics which suits each wedding veil style. 

 English Tulle

Our English tulle is super sheer and lightweight with a slightly stiffer hand-feel. This is perfect for our classic Maia 2-tier veil because as it's draped around you, it holds its shape well rather than collapsing into you like softer tulle. 

Italian Tulle

Our Italian tulle is silk-like and super soft and smooth, it's slightly heavier weave than our English tulle so it is a little more opaque rather than super sheer. The softness in this tulle is perfect for our long stream veils because it gathers beautifully as it drapes behind you.

Bridal Tulle

Our traditional bridal tulle is used on our pearl veils, it's very soft but also very strong, it's for this very reason that we use it as the base of our tulle veils because as each pearl is secured into place it needs something strong to 'grab' onto. 

If you would like a sample of these tulles, please get in touch!