We love working with different creatives from the industry.

Here is a collection of different collaborations we've done in the past years.

For inquiries on collaborations, you can email us at 

An Afternoon at La Perouse

Dresses: Fleeting Moments by Jennifer Go Bridal & The Joni by Jennifer Go Bridal

Model: Maho Yokohata

Hair and Makeup Artist: Rebecca Shardlow

Flowers: The Flower Creative

Photographer: Snaps by Tiffany

A Love Affair at Paddington Reservoir

Dress: The Avery by Jennifer Go Bridal

Models: Natalia Ramires & David Widodo

Makeup Artist: catheaphymakeup

Hair: Carl Thomas

Flowers: The Buds and The Bees

Photographer: Emma Wright Weddings

A Beautiful Day at Nielsen Park 

Dress: The Cora by Jennifer Go Bridal & Wildchild by Jennifer Go Bridal

Models: Maddie Quinn

Makeup Artist: Olga Hill Events Makeup

Photographer: Pink Neon Photography

Romance at the Reservoir

Dress: Paradiso by Jennifer Go Bridal

Models: Sarah & Angus

Makeup Artist: Jannete Williams

Flowers: Derek Law of Fable Studio Co.

Photographer: Emma Wright Weddings