Your beautiful wedding veil has arrived, now how to you look after it before and after your wedding day?

The delicate nature of a wedding veil is part of its beauty, which means care must be taken to look after it. They require extra special attention when steaming, storing, transporting and cleaning.

Whether your veil features metres of gossamer tulle, delicate laces or detailed hand beading, we’ve put together a guide to help you care for your veil and to keep it in perfect condition for your wedding day and beyond, especially as a heirloom to pass on.


If you have ordered your veil direct from us, it will arrive stylishly and safely packaged in a gift box for you to unpack. Once you have unboxed your wedding veil, we recommend you hang it up right away on the clip provided with your wedding veil. Ideally keep the veil out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. You can also hang your bridal veil in the same garment bag as your wedding dress to protect it from dust, but please fold your veil lightly to minimise creasing whilst in the bag.

If you have a mantilla wedding veil or a veil without a comb, you can fold it neatly through a coat hanger and hand it up that way. 

After your wedding, we recommend storing your veil, lightly folded and wrapped in acid free tissue paper and keeping it out of direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place. 


We find the best way to deal with creases on a wedding veil is to prevent them in the first place. When you are folding your veil, try to fold it lightly and use acid free tissue paper when necessary.

Even with the utmost care, your veil may still develop creases, if that is the case, the best thing to use is steam. With steam and time, the creases will drop out. A garment steamer is really useful, but at a pinch, you can use the old trick of a hot steamy bathroom! Hang your veil up in the bathroom and bring on the steam, but remember to check on it periodically to make sure it doesn't get too damp and hot in there.

If you don’t have access to a garment steamer and you prefer to not use the steamy bathroom method, your wedding dress alterations professional or local dry cleaner may have be able to steam your veil for you.

Once steamed your veil will feel a little damp so it’s best to keep the veil on its hanger to allow your veil to dry and to minimise future creases before your wedding day.

Please do not iron your veil! The delicate nature of the tulle and materials will mean the iron will be too hot for it and you can burn or 'yellow' your veil.


The hand appliqued embellishments on our wedding veils are very delicate and unique in nature, no two veils will ever be exactly the same. If cared for your wedding veil properly, it will store beautifully for years to come. For bridal veils featuring 3D appliqued florals, please make sure you do not place heavy objects or firmly fold up your veil as this can crush the florals and distort its appearance.

If you need to spot clean around an embellishment, avoid rough handling near an embellishment as vigorous rubbing can damage or lift embellishments.


Please remember to only handle your wedding veil with clean hands and be conscious of contact with your makeup or fake tan. If your veil is marked, do not wash in the washing machine or soak it in water. Your veil can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth or baby wipes with a light dabbing motion.

To remove pet hair or lint, you can use a sticky tape or a lint roller.

If you would like to find out more about our veils or if you would like some styling advice, please contact us!