At the Wedding Boutique, all our sample dresses are from Jennifer Go Bridal's

demi-couture collections. This means each style can be changed and a custom design is created based off an existing style. For example, you love a particular design but you wished it had a different neckline or a more fitted silhouette, or you simply prefer without the particular lace or embellishment used. All of these changes are permitted and will be included in the quote because all of our wedding dresses are handmade through a personalised fitting process.

Book an appointment with us to try on any of Jennifer Go Bridal's demi-couture gowns here!



Jennifer Go Bridal also does full bespoke wedding gowns. 

For a full bespoke couture wedding gown, you will be in touch with the designer herself, Jennifer Go of Jennifer Go Bridal. Everything is designed from scratch, it is a more involved process where we discuss fabrics, fit, style, colours, everything. The end result is a truly unique and original design.

To inquire about a full bespoke wedding gown, you can email us at or book an appointment with us here!